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    Take online dating seriously. If you want to find your soul mate (friends), then do not give up trying and hope, even if someone turned you down on the site mail order brides. Register your profile on several dating sites, do not get attached to one. Who knows, maybe your spouse was just two clicks away. Just do not forget the passwords for each of the sites and their addresses, of course, and it is best to write it down somewhere.

    Dating, experienced advice 2. Be wary of “glamorous” photos in the profiles of users of dating sites, especially if there are few photos. Perhaps they are borrowed from other sites, and are photographs of some famous or not so famous personalities.

    3. At the beginning of the acquaintance, the phrase: "Hello, how are you?" makes most users want to answer in rhyme ... Meet more original, and then, perhaps, you will be singled out from the gray mass and want to communicate with you. Look through the questionnaire of the interlocutor - what attracts you to it? By the way, many girls do not like it when a man meets only because of external data. Communication on the site should be based on the interests of the interlocutor. And do not forget to call the interlocutor by name in the process of communication, this also applies to acquaintance in real life.

  • How to meet a girl on the Internet?

    Crazy pace of life, work, friends, gym, work again. How can you make time for everyone to meet a girl? Where to meet her, what to say, how to speak?

    So much energy is spent on all this that many men simply forget about it and live a calm bachelor life.

    However, there is one proven way to simplify everything - is to meet a girl on the Internet. A quick acquaintance that doesn't commit you to anything. I bet that you are online all the time, spending a lot of time on all sorts of social networks, viral sites and just surfing, although at this time you could already meet someone 25 times.

    There is no need to paint your entire biography or "funny" stories from the past there. Remember that brevity is the sister of talent. Write about yourself as succinctly, briefly and interestingly as possible. This will be the first information that a girl will see on your page. An original acquaintance begins with the first phrase.

    Try to interest her and hook her. Write a little brightly so that she has a desire to ask you questions and continue the conversation.

  • How to meet a girl on a dating site ?

    Men, as well as women, need a reliable rear. They also want warmth, care and the realization that they are waiting at home. Unfortunately, not everyone succeeds in finding “the one” in everyday life (or there is simply no time for this), so dating sites are regularly replenished by the male population. How to meet a girl on a dating site? What to write? What to ask about? And is it really possible to find HER?
    What needs to be considered
    When studying the questionnaires of applicants and in the process of correspondence with them, you need to pay attention to several points:

    Literacy. Successful ladies will never allow themselves to write with mistakes. This is typical for typical blondes-pacifiers and representatives of golden youth who write "ATP" instead of "thank you." Do you need it?

    Photos. If all the pictures are taken exclusively by professionals, it is not a fact that your chosen one does not have a ton of makeup on. You need to start communication on the site after an objective assessment of the naturalness and naturalness of the photo, and not the beauty of the exposed legs. You're looking for a wife, not an escort girl. If the last statement is incorrect, just skip this point or interpret it exactly the opposite.

    Date of the questionnaire. If a girl claims that she is recent on the site, you can check her honesty by simply looking at the date the profile was created and examining the comments on the photo. Does she cheat on little things? Then why do you need this person?